Most used apps and games for Android

After I got a new Samsung galaxy S II, I’ve been thinking about creating a summary of apps I enjoy using and share it with you. Maybe it will be inspirational for you to get these apps as well, or even get yourself an Android phone and join the march against Apples world domination?

These are the apps I use every day, and games I play to and from work (or when ever I get a little time to spare). Some cost money, others are free, but I feel that if you enjoy the trial, buy the game! The prices on the Android Market are so cheap, that it’s well worth investing some money to get the most out of your Android device.

Here goes!

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Make your iPhone feel new again

Most people these days are starting to get tired of their iPhones, and are looking for places to maybe clench their thirst for gadgetry, either by buying one of the many Android phones out there, like the Nexus one or the Droid. However, for us mortals that don’t have that much cash to throw around on new gadgets, you can do some minor adjustments and make your iPhone feel new and exciting.
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Getting in shape with iPhone

Over the last couple of weeks, Alina and I have been trying to get in better shape. We realized that after getting overly exhausted just by walking up some stairs, that it was time to do something.

I also came across an workout schedule app for the iPhone at around the same time, which was just what we were looking for.

So here’s my recommended list of apps if you wish to get in better shape:

(All icons link directly to the iTunes app site. Titles link to the apps web page)

#1 C25K (Couch to 5K)


This is the app I came over that made us start working out.

Description by the developer:

“C25K, is a fantastic program that’s been designed to get just about anyone from the couch to running 5 kilometres or 30 minutes in just 9 weeks.”

So we bought some jogging shoes, put on our training trousers and head out, with a goal. We were going to finish this routine, no matter what.

So far we have managed to get through Week 3, day 2, and we will be doing the final day of week 3 on Sunday. We have worked out every second day since we started, and we have not skipped a single day yet.

Results: We feel we are doing better and better. In the beginning we did a run which consisted of 60 seconds of running, and 90 seconds of walking, for a total of 20 minutes. After the first run we were totally beat, now, we can do a 3 minute interval run without much problems (Alina is having some problems with her feet acting up, but it’s getting better).

#2 Runkeeper Pro


Before we started the C25K app, I started “working out” with this app. By working out, I mean I used it for tracking my walks from town and home (which can be a bit of a workout with those steep slopes to our apartment). Basically it’s just made for tracking your run on google maps, but the latest update also added support for setting up your own interval runs.

Conclusion: One of the best tracking applications out there! It gives you audible notifications, average pace,  current speed, distance you’ve ran and so on. Here’s a sample of a run Alina and I did 04.08.2009:


As you can see, it shows speed, distance and elevation on the bottom, and marks of every kilometre on the map. You also get quite a list of neat stats on the top, which are also shown on the app itself when you’re out running.

#3 Two Hundred Situps


Seeing as we wanted to get in shape, not only by jogging, but also by building some muscles, we found this app. There’s a series for these, but we decided to only go for two of them.

The app itself is very simple. You start it up, and it asks how many situps you are able to do. It then sets up a routine for you based upon what you put in. We started at one, seeing as we’re both in horrible shape. After each day, the number of sit-ups you are supposed to do increases.

Current progress: We are in a routine now which involves an interval training with between 10 and 14 sit-ups per interval. It’s hard, but we get through it.

#4 Two Hundred Squats


This is another one we just wanted to go with, as squats are fairly easy to do. It’s got the same interface as the Two Hundred Sit ups app, but with a graph as well, showing your progress.

Current progress: No problem. Squats are fairly easy, and this early in the program we’re just going through it at a steady pace. We are currently at week 2, day 1, which consists of intervals of between 6 and 10 squats. Reason for it being so easy, is because we started this one a bit later, and we’re still on the “easy” levels of the game ;)

That’s my little list of apps. Now install them, and start working out! The first, third and fourth app also works perfectly on the iPod touch, so there’s no excuse to not start if you don’t have an iPhone.

How to jailbreak iPhone OS 3.0

It’s finally here! The jailbreak called redsn0w was just released a little while ago, and I’ve just managed to install it. Everything works like a charm.
So here’s a quick rundown on how to jailbreak your iPhone OS 3.0:
This jailbreak does NOT free you for your cell operator. It’s just a jailbreak for being able to install third party apps! If you are going to use your iPhone with another network then the one you bought it with, you will have to wait for yellowsn0w to be released.

The procedure:

1. First off you have to download the redsn0w application from one of the following links:



MacOS X – Mirrors:

Windows – [download id=”1″]

Mac OS X – [download id=”2″]

2. After you got this, you will either have to download the latest IPSW file from the net (in. ex. here for ipod touch/iphone classic or here for iPhone 3G, or find your own copy after you did your first upgrade in “C:\Documents and Settings\YOUR-USER-NAME\Application Data\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPhone Software Updates\

3. Place this file in the same folder as redsn0w, and lets get crackin’!

(I’ll do this guide for windows users only, but I’m guessing it works similar with Mac OS X)

4. First off, start up a command prompt. That’s Start button – run – cmd.

5. In the command prompt you go to the folder where redsn0w resides. I’d probably suggest that you extracted the folder directly to c:\, so there won’t be any problems with spaces in folder names.

Once there, run the following command:

redsn0w.exe iPhone1,2_3.0_7A341_Restore.ipsw

This will start the jailbreaking. Just follow the instructions exactly as listed, and you should be done in no time!

I myself had some problems getting my phone into DFU mode, but this video helped me out:


After the jailbreak is complete, make sure you start up cydia and do a full update of the core apps (you will be asked about this after the second time you start Cydia).

If you need your phone unlocked, make sure you keep refreshing, as this is where the developers for redsn0w/yellowsn0w update with the latest news.

Hope this guide helped out a bit, and good luck!