Mediacenter automation

This will just be a quick update on various things I have managed to put together after getting a Synology DS410j NAS, which in turn gives me completely automatic downloading and sorting of any Movie or TV series I would like.

Tools used:
Sick Beard
Couch Potato
Sorting script

These tools combined give you a system able to download, rename and sort any tv-series or movie, and will even update your mediacenter (XBMC, Plex etc) with the new content. Hell, it will even notify you via twitter when it’s done downloading!

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Instant entertainment

Ever wondered if there’s a way to have all the TV-Shows you would ever want directly delivered to your media centre as soon as it’s available online? Over the last years I’ve experimented with several ways of automatic download, sorting and management of my shows, and I think I have found a setup that works according to my needs.

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Time to change appartment again

Has it really been half a year already? Apparently so, because we are in the processes of moving yet again. Our current apartment in Edsberg Centrum (Sollentuna) was only for 6 months, and we were not able to renew it, so we had to find a new place.

There were tons of stress when we first was informed about the fact that we had to move. Mostly because it came a bit like a surprise on us. We knew that we were going to have to move sooner or later, but what we didn’t know was that it time would fly so fast in Stockholm. When it was three weeks left, we started thinking of emergency solutions in case we didn’t find anything. I think we settled with storing everything at a storage facility and finding a hotel room that was cheap enough to live in for a month. Then, all of a sudden, after sending tons and tons of mails to various apartments, we got invited to come look at an apartment. And it actually turned out being a really nice one! And the best of all, the landlord for the apartment was a total geek and we ended up talking more about servers and work then the actual apartment. I think that’s made us get the place.

So, new apartment, and opposite side of town. This time we’ll be living in Rågsved,which is actually just about 20-ish minutes from my work, and about 30min from Alinas job. Really perfect placement, and the apartment itself is really nice. Not as big as what we had, but we never managed to fill up that apartment with things anyway. We have arranged for friends helping with the moving this weekend, and have a whole week to clean out the old one.

This time I will try to take some photos of the new place and post them here. For some reason I never got around to posting pictures of the old one.

And of course, the apartment has 100/100 fibre connection. Priorities, I know!

Make your iPhone feel new again

Most people these days are starting to get tired of their iPhones, and are looking for places to maybe clench their thirst for gadgetry, either by buying one of the many Android phones out there, like the Nexus one or the Droid. However, for us mortals that don’t have that much cash to throw around on new gadgets, you can do some minor adjustments and make your iPhone feel new and exciting.
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