Finding the right domain

Having worked with domains now for well over a year, I’ve realized that I actually should try finding a domain that better suits me as a mail address domain. Right now my domain is a bit hard for people to get when I write it down on paper.

I have a few options:

– I could try buying up the .no/.com domain I want from another owner, but the downside would be that I might have to end up paying allot of money for it.

– I could get an obscure ccTLD (Country code Top-Level domain), but the problem then is, normal people don’t know about that many extensions. The main extensions are .com/.net/.org and for Norwegians it’s .no. Having an extension like .sh, .tc, .cx or .la as an extension would just confuse people.

– Another option is to simply sit and wait for a domain to “maybe” expire and steal it before it’s re-registered by the owner, but this involves allot of waiting, and domains these days usually don’t expire unless the owner does not pay for it.

I might just ending up with the second solution. It’s not the best, but I don’t want to pay allot of money, and I can’t be bothered waiting for the domain I want to be released. I am monitoring the domains, and will no doubt snatch it if it does release, but I can always forward mail to another domain when I get it.

If you have any suggestions to what domain I should try to go for, please don’t hesitate to drop me a note!

Moving to Sweden

Lately my blog posts have been rather impersonal. This being partially because I have so much else I’d like to blog about, but also because I’ve not had time to really sit down and write something serious.

That’s why I thought this post could contain a bit of information on how we are doing with the whole moving to Sweden thing.

I wish I had some more information” I’ve been saying this over and over to myself (and others) for the last couple of months. People keep asking if I know anything more about the moving, and my reply has been “Only that we are moving in the end of August“.

However this time I know a bit more! Yesterday I received a mail from one of the people in charge of human resources at our Swedish office, asking what kind of apartment we would like.  If we wanted with 2 rooms or more, how much rent we would be able to pay, and what kind of job Alina might be interested in. I hastily replied that we would love at least a 2 room apartment, with 6500,- NOK as max rent, and Alina would prefer NOT to work with cleaning, children or old people. Other then that she would be cool with more or less anything.

We are yet to receive a reply on this, but I was told they are two people working on finding us an apartment, which means we should be receiving a mail soon about the details. I’m quite excited to see what they find and if we will be able to see photos of it. What would be even better, would if someone from our office in Stockholm would be able to check the place out, and OK it for us.

As for moving our things from Trondheim. We have been informed that they will pay for a moving company to drive all our things to Stockholm. How we will get there, I’m not sure of yet, but I’m guessing it’s by plane, sponsored by the office. If not, we’ll just find some way to get there, all tough plane would probably be the best option.

What’s even cooler, is that our company have started a separate department just for our 1.line support, and it will be located in Överkalix in Northern Sweden, this means I will probably not be taking any more phone calls from old ladies wanting help with their E-Mails accounts anymore. Currently there are 7 new people starting with full 1.line support there, while us in the Stockholm office will be focusing on 2/3.line registry and technical issues. Just the way It’s supposed to be.

As we get close to moving, I can’t stop from feeling a bit sad about it. Moving away from all the people I’ve come to know and love in Trondheim. I have been living here for roughly 6 years now, and gotten to know some amazing people. I’ve grown to love this city and how relaxed and pretty it is, I’ve found a job I enjoy doing and a girl that I would gladly spend the rest of my life with.

Hopefully I might move back some day, and settle here, but for now, I am willing to move where ever I am needed, In order to improve my career. Seeing as my education is rather slim, I need all the experience I can get. Even if it means moving from loved ones.

Seminar in Oslo

Right now I`m on a restaurant in the middle of Oslo, writing this on my new HTC touch diamond which i bought from Silje. worth every krone in my opinion.
So, I went down here with Kenneth (from work), to attend a seminar on .no domain registration. All went well, all tough we had some difficulties finding our way, but the phone with gps saved the day. We received some sweet free stuff (t-shirt, pins etc.) and even an amazing lunch buffet. The seminar itself had its ups and downs, as some of the speakers were extremely boring, but all in all, we learned allot on what kind of plans they had further on.
Today, I`m planning on doing some shopping, and later on, Pål is having a party. Should be fun.
I`ll see if I can do some updates later, as this blog has really been neglected recently…

First week done

It’s closing in on the last minutes before I’m done with the first week at my new job. I’ve learned allot of new stuff, like how to register new domains, update existing domains and transfer old ones in the Norid system. I’ve also finally gotten a better look at how our mail system works, so I can actually sort it and have it the way it’s supposed to be.

There has been allot of stuff happening today though, but I’ve not been a part of it, seeing as I mostly do the paper pushing, and don’t take any phones, but to sum it all up:

  • Several servers had problems with the mail service, which made mail have up to 6 hours delay.
  • More servers had load of up to 10 (which is quite allot on Linux servers) which made several pages cease to work.
  • Hackers had managed to intercept some SSH keys and compromised one (or more of our servers) and installed a rootkit.

All of this was fixed by the end of the day though, so no harm done. Our Polish server admin set new root passwords and we took down the source of the problem, an internal server at work that had been hijacked and drained for passwords.

Now I’m going to meet up with some friends in town, shopping and probably grab a coffee :)