New sofa!

Yesterday Alina and I got ourselves a new sofa! Yeah, finally! Until now we’ve been sitting on the floor, sharing a little pillow and being at times really uncomfortable. Well I got a pretty nice first paycheck, so we went to Bohus and bought ourselves this sofa

And I must say, it’s awesome to sit in! A bit harder then when we tried it in the store, but that’s only because it had been sat in more. We also got the little island thing, and it seems we got it for free? Well there was a mix-up, so I guess we should get in touch with Bohus and tell them, but haven’t got around to it yet.

Merry Christmas!

It’s finally Christmas! (well technically it’s past Christmas here in Norway. You Brits or Americans might celebrate on the morning of the 25th, but not us, oh no. We’re impatient :p).
So after being at friends all day yesterday (the 23rd that is), eating pizza, snacks, having sodas, watching movies and playing WII, I was in bed at around 4 after watching the last episode of Heroes (OMGLOLFFS! Damn cliffhangers and their cliffhangerness! I want season 3 NOW!…) and reading a chapter in my book.

Today I got up at around one, had a good long shower and fixed myself up for the evening to come. Mom had made rice porridge which is custom in our family and of course the almond was in place in a random bowl of porridge (well it was really a peanut, seeing as mom didn’t have any almonds, but who’s picky). And of course, after just two bites, it was mine! All mine :D And the reward, a marzipan pig and a scratch ticket. Sadly I didn’t win, but it was fun non the less.
After watching the obligatory Christmas movies, like the Disney Christmas, Tante Pose and of course the butler and the countess which is also a tradition to watch here in Norway., my grandfather shows up and it’s time for dinner.
As is tradition in our family, we have rib for Christmas, and rice pudding. However this year the rib wasn’t particularly good. It was way too much fat on it and was just sickening if you ate too much. The meaty parts were ok though, but I’d really wish it had been a bit better. Still, I ate until I couldn’t eat any more, so I guess it wasn’t that bad :p

After relaxing a bit, trying to get the rib to settle, it was of course time for the coffee and cakes. Man we eat allot on Christmas…..Anyway, after a few sips, my brother can’t stop nagging about opening presents, so my mom gives the go. He runs for the presents and starts throwing them to everyone as fast as possible.

I got quite allot of stuff actually, especially seeing as my age kind of makes people stop buying presents for me. Being old sucks…

Anyway, this is what I got for Christmas:
– 3000kr.
– A warm wool sweater.
– wool underwear.
007 – On her majesty’s secret service.
– A book called “Drageløperen” or “The Kite runner” in English.
– A couple of dvds my brother made with various shows on them.
– And the best present of the year in my opinion:

A very snazzy teapot with glasses :D

I also got a tea called “Høstflørt” (Fall flirt) with them. I’m sure Alina will love them as well, as she’s just as much a tea drinker as I am.

Now I’d just like to post a few pictures I’ve taken in order to properly give that Christmas feel.

This is our Christmas tree, for being the first time ever where I wasn’t the one cordinating the decorations on the Christmas tree, I think it turned out pretty good.

This is a bowl of nuts, go figure :p

And last, but not least, a crackling fire (all tough taken with a very slow shutter speed, so it looks kind of fancy and purple-like)

Tomorrow is the big drinking day here in Skien, so I’m going over to a friends house with around 13-14 people and will no doubt drink until I can’t see straight, then of course head out on town and drink some more. I am however not looking forward to walking home afterwards, but I’ll probably manage.
Hopefully I’ll have enough to drink on though, I’m getting some beers from my stepdad, but that’s it really. I’ll probably mooch a bit of my friends though, some vodka or something, so there will no doubt be enough intoxication ;)

Well, it’s due time for some sleeping now. Even though it’s just as late as it was yesterday. Man I sure hope I get my sleeping patterns adjusted by the time I’m heading back to Trondheim, otherwise I’ll have a hard time getting to work.

Good night, and Merry Christmas to you all!

Fun with webcam

So yesterday I decided I wanted to play a bit with my old webcam. So I went trough the “HOWTO install a webcam” on the Gentoo WIKI and managed to get my Philips SPC 200NC running without much trouble. Only issue I’m currently having is that the image is flipped upside down….but I easily solved that by simply turning the cam upside down :p

Now that I have the cam up and running, I’m currently making a Timelapse video of a candle. Not the most exciting i know, but I just want it to be set up right before I aim it out on the street outside. I was planning on making a time lapse video of what’s going on outside my window.

Here’s what 60 pictures with 1 picture a min looks like in timelapse:

I also really want to set up some kind of sensor system, so that it detects and takes a picture each time there is movement in the cameras viewpoint, but we’ll see how that goes. From what I’ve read it requires a bit of work to get it going.

I might also have the application I’m currently using to grab images (camorama) to upload the images it takes on to my server, and host a crude kind of webcam. Either that, or run VLC and have it run an XviD or mpeg4 encoded stream trough rtsp or http. We’ll see, depends on whether or not I want you guys to peak on my private life all the time or not ;)

And by the way, I know webcams are sooooo 1998, but It’s so much fun! So bah on you all :p

Okay so here’s my published webcam. It updates every minute (which might be a bit too often to be honest, but we’ll see) and will probably be running all the time. You have to updated manually though, as I can’t be bothered setting up a javascript to refresh it.

I checked up on the possibility of taking a time lapse out the window, but it seems my camera has great difficulty actually “seeing” anything outside, so it’s staying in for now.

I have also set up a new domain on where there’s a javascript updating the image every X second (it will be a set second as soon as I know what upload frequency i should set it to :p), and I also pimped the image a bit with info about what music I’m currently playing :D