Eight years old!

So I didn’t realize until now, but the domain jumpingmushroom.com turned eight now in April! I’m impressed that I have been able to keep the domain for that long.

So there is a little back story on how I ended up with this domain. The name itself came from an old scene demo I saw at Norvegia LAN party in Skien back in early 2000. I can’t recall which one it was, but I’m sure you can find it here under either 2001 or 2002 Norvegia. The demo consisted mostly of pulsating mushrooms, or “junping” mushrooms in my case, and they inspired med to get the domain.

Initially I bought the domain through Netbox, and had my mail, hosting, dns etc there for quite a while. However, I did not like their control panel, and when they decided to leave all the old customers (ie. me) on the same system, while moving newer customers to their new interface; I decided it was time to move somewhere else.

According to the whois information, the creation Date was: 2006-04-08 13:49:46 UTC, which means it was a Saturday. I’m not surprised that I decided to get a domain on Saturday, but I’m a bit confused about the time of day. Usually I make these odd decisions during the evening or night when I’m getting bored. Now, the time says UTC, which means it was really even earlier in the morning, 11:49 in fact, which means I must have either been pulling an all nighter, or I had just gotten out of bed with the idea for a new domain. Either way, I was living in Trondheim at the time, with no job and no doubt just wanted something to play around with.

That’s basically what I wanted to put out there at this time. I know this page has been neglected for a looong time (almost three years to be exact), but it doesn’t mean I don’t maintain it with security updates and move it with me where ever I set up my server. Hopefully I will get back to posting on it on a regular basis, but for now it’s just to celebrate that it’s still up.


New photogallery

These past couple of days I’ve been working on setting up a new photo gallery system for me and my friends.  Right now I’m uploading about 1,1GB worth of images to the gallery, and I’ll probably be using allot of time sorting them all into categories, captioning and tagging, and so on.

The reason I started setting it up, was because of Inger-Lise wanting a gallery to post pictures that wouldn’t be suitable for posting on Facebook (You wouldn’t want your friends and family see you being drunk and looking silly, would you?), so I figured seeing as I have this domain hosted on our company’s server, I might as well set up some kind of system.

I’m mostly done setting it up. After all the images I have are uploaded, I’m going to set permissions for the different accounts, so they’re not to be available from the outside. I will also have people register for an account, in which they get their own album to upload pictures to. They will also be able to upload pictures directly within the gallery, to update on any missing photos from various parties or gatherings we might have had.

So guys, please, go check out http://www.jumpingmushroom.com/gallery/ and make yourself and account! I’ll be approving the registrations, so only the “select few” get access to the system :)

Migrating to a better system

So yeah! Finally about time I did some updates here. I’ve now actually migrated my blog over to wordpress, and it’s working GREAT! It’s fast, easy to use, very well supported, easy to upgrade and install plug-ins, and best of all, it’s w3c valid.

Currently the design itself is rather simple. I found it on some random webpage and just pasted it in there, but I will no doubt be working on the design next. Right now the main focus was to migrate all my previous posts from blogger.com so I didn’t lose them, then I was focusing on making the page as SEO friendly as possible. Now that it seems it is, I did some additional add-ons to make the webpage load faster (wp super cache) and work with my iPhone and other mobile devices (wordpress mobile pack).

Hopefully I will be able to get a bit more minimalistic look to the site, and be able to insert my Twitter updates on the sidebar without it looking like total rubbish.

If anyone has any recommendations to designs I could use, or at least tips or hints on how I can make this page look better, don’t hesitate to leave a comment. I’m also in the process of finding a logo to go with the site and the design, so any of you graphic designers out there got some time on a boring evening, and figure you wouldn’t mind making me something cool, please, do!

Considering redesign

hm, I can’t help it, but I’m already starting to get tired of the design my page currently have… It’s stupid I know, because it’s not that long ago since I redesigned it. However, I’ve stumbled upon some really awesome designs I’d much rather use, and with them i can add some extra stuff, like polls, gallery slide show and extra stuff I’d might want to add on the front page, which i can’t with the design I’m currently using.

So, I’ve settled with a few designs that I’d like some feedback on:

  1. Natural Essence By Arcsin
  2. Orange sunset By dcarter
  3. design105 By dcarter
  4. Tick Tock By dcarter

My adaptations of one of these designs will of course go trough quite a change in looks, seeing as there will be changes in various images, placement of info and so forth.

If you don’t like any of these suggestions, and would much rather see something totally different, please add a comment and recommend a design from this site:

Place your vote please :)