Photo mania

Seeing as I was a bit put out by the whole WoW account suspended thing, I went ahead and bought myself a new camera. More specifically a Canon EOS450D kit with a matching bag. It wasn’t really a 100% impulsive buy, seeing as I had been looking at it for quite some time, checking up on various pages, reading reviews and watching samples, but I got a very nice paycheck last Friday, and figured it was time. It cost me a pretty penny (about 6200,-), but was totally worth every øre.

So far I have been playing around with it, taking tons of pictures of Alina, and everything else around me. I also carry it with me everywhere I go, but lately I’ve been a bit too lazy to actually pick it up and snap some shots.

I did however bring it with me when Alina and I went to Lian to pick blueberries. We took the tram up there on Sunday and had a nice walk in the sun. It was quite warm and the air was so fresh and clean.
We were quite lucky on the berries and found several, but we got kind of bored of picking after a while and ended up with a bit over half a bowl. Hopefully it will be enough to make some jam at least. Here’s the pictures I took, and some turned out pretty good:

I’m going to keep my photography album updated with my latest photos, so keep checking back to see what’s new! Please leave comments and/or constructive criticism as well if you have any :)

PS: Oh, and by the way, thanks to Andreas I now have the chance to log back into WoW again, as he sent me a guest pass! I’m not quite sure if I want to accept it though (all tough thanks for the thought Andy!), seeing as I feel I should have quit, and I would really miss mu characters allot….
I’ve yet to hear from Blizzard regarding my cause, but I hardly doubt they’ll give it a second trial to be honest.

I-Party (and some photography)

So, Me and Alina attended the I-Party this weekend at Sonja and Gautes place, and we had a really great time! Thanks guys :)

Summary: Me and Alina walked from my place to their place in the blistering cold and rain for about 1 1/2 hour, then after franticly looking for where their house were, Stian called (with Kenneths phone) asking where we were, seeing as it started to get pretty late.
After finally finding their house, we joined the party. Some were pretty drunk already, while others were more or less sober. After getting our costumes on, we mingled with people, talked and had an really great time. After a while, more people showed up, and then even more! Safe to say, the place was pretty packed with people when the clock started ticking towards twelve.
After some drinking, fooling around, people jumping each other and generally being fun drunks, it was time to move out on town.
We walked with Julian and Stacy for some time, but ended up going with Gaute (Which wore a blond wig and a big sign saying IKEA), and had a quick visit by Sesam for a burger, before moving onward into town. The destination of the night, Mikrobryggeriet, of course :p
Sadly, the place was totally packed, and we couldn’t get a seat anywhere, so after standing around a bit, we decided we could might as well head home. None of us were really interested in staying for much longer, and we were all getting pretty tired.
Me and Alina then head home, made some chips and watched an episode of Red Dwarf before we decided we were sober enough to go to bed.

The pictures i took from the party has now been uploaded to for those that might be interested.
All albums from the Alphabet parties are restricted to members only, so if you attended the party, and would like access to those pictures, register an account and I will accept it if I feel you’re worthy.
Also, if anyone took pictures they would like to upload to the gallery. Don’t be afraid to do so, all registered users have the rights to upload pictures directly into the albums of the alphabet parties! (all tough I will be the one screening the pictures before they get published;) ).

Oh, and one more thing. As i was walking to town just the other day, i stumbled upon this rare scene, which i just had to capture on memory card:

I must say, I’m very pleased with the picture. It turned out very crisp and clear, and the colours are very vibrant and alive. I must admit, it wasn’t as clear and colourful as this when i took it, but i used the vivid filter on my camera which made it allot prettier.

Doing some photography

So I’ve really started enjoying taking photographs. When heading home from Alina’s house today i walked past this railway tunnel and realized, man that tunnel looks just like some old 1800s locomotive tunnel. So i decided I’d try to get a good shot of it. Here’s what i managed to capture:

I really feel i captured a great picture. The tunnel is in focus, whilst the trees around are bent slightly out of focus. It’s darker then it was originally, because i tweaked some settings to make my camera catch less light (can’t remember what the proper term for it is). I also decided i wanted to capture it in black and white, to better get the feeling of this being an old tunnel on some abandoned railroad.

I also found some “older” pictures on my camera from when me and Alina were visiting Stiftgårdsparken earlier last week. It was a bright and sunny day, and i took pictures of everything i could find, and played around with my camera allot. Turns out a couple of the pictures ended up quite good:

Here’s a picture of some chocolate me and Alina have been eating for about 2 weeks now, it’s this First Price chocolate, 200g and it’s only 13kr! Safe to say we might be eating a bit too much of it…but who cares, it’s tasty :p The picture itself ended up quite fun in my opinion, i used a macro for taking close-up pictures and just left all the other settings on automatic. Mmmm, it looks tasty :D~

I’ll try to post more photos as i snap them, seeing as I’ve really caught the photo-bug after drooling over Silje’s awesome new super expensive camera (damn you!). I want to prove i still can capture good pictures with my cheap-ass camera