My favorite 5 EBM bands

First of all, here’s what the definition EBM means:

Electronic body music (mainly known by its acronym EBM) is a music genre that combines elements of music and music.

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And with that explanation out of the way, here’s the list of my favourite EBM bands.



The first on this list is a band I’m  not really that fond of, but to be honest, there aren’t that many good EBM bands out there, and this is one of the bands that have a few good tunes. I can recommend the song Children of the night (YouTube link), which is one of the songs that I came over about 7 or 8 years ago, and still enjoy today.

VNV Nation


VNV Nation is a band I was recommended while going to computer parties at various friends. This one guy, a complete GNU/Linux wiz had a very distinct music taste, and this was one of the bands he recommended. Out of all the great songs VNV Nation have, I’d probably recommend these songs as the top three:

  1. Tomorrow never comes (YouTube link)
  2. The Great divide (YouTube link)
  3. Sentinel (YouTube link)

The Covenant


My first encounter with The Covenant was by being given a link to a video of their song Bullet (YouTube Link), and I fell in love with the whole industrial sounds, and especially with the music video being so incredibly post-apocalyptic in style.

This was when the song was first released back in 2003. After that I kind of forgot them for a few years, when I recently listened through various songs in recommended, according to my music taste and this song came up: Call the ships to port (YouTube link) and again fell totally in love with the sound, combining techno music with dark and mysterious lyrics.

Apoptygma Berzerk


Again, a band I was recommended during my LAN party days. A friend of mine from Bergen recommended me this band back in 2000, and at first I didn’t really like them that much, but after I had listened to Kathy’s song (YouTube link) I was sold. Since then I’ve listened to their album Welcome to Earth several times, and every time I get that old-school LAN party feeling. Good times.



As the last runner up on this list is X-Fusion. This was a band I had never heard about until recently this year, but I came across the remix Hate this (YouTube link) they had made for a band called Grendel, and I really liked the way the vocals sounded, so I figured I’d might check them out a bit more and see what it was all about. Turns out they had made quite a few songs that I enjoyed! Like Flesh and blood (YouTube link) and Godless (YouTube link)

That about sums up the EBM bands that I’m currently listening to. I’m considering also making a list over other bands I enjoy, but I figured the EBM genera is so narrow, that the few bands I like there deserved a list only dedicated to that genera.

Electronic body music (mainly known by its acronym EBM) is a music genre that combines elements of music and musiElectronic body music (mainly known by its acronym EBM) is a music genre that combines elements of music and music.c.