Most used apps and games for Android

After I got a new Samsung galaxy S II, I’ve been thinking about creating a summary of apps I enjoy using and share it with you. Maybe it will be inspirational for you to get these apps as well, or even get yourself an Android phone and join the march against Apples world domination?

These are the apps I use every day, and games I play to and from work (or when ever I get a little time to spare). Some cost money, others are free, but I feel that if you enjoy the trial, buy the game! The prices on the Android Market are so cheap, that it’s well worth investing some money to get the most out of your Android device.

Here goes!

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Playing backup games on your Nintendo Wii

After playing around with my Nintendo Wii all Sunday, I finally managed to set everything up so that I can boot backed up games directly from my 32GB USB stick. Here’s what I did.

Installing homebrew channel

The first step will be to have access to the homebrew channel on your Wii. This can be accomplished by several ways. I used the Twilight hack described here however, this has been fixed in later updates of the Wii firmware. However the Indiana Pwns hack explained here currently works with the latest 4.0, 4.1 and 4.2 system menus.

You can also use the BannerBomb hack which is explained in this article

I am however not going to explain in detail the software hacking of the Wii, as this was something I did when I first got the Wii, by going out and buying The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, so I could load the hacked save game and start installing home brew. This is all explained in the links I posted and should be enough to get you started.

Installing the latest IOS package cIOSCORP

In order for the system to be able to load the latest games without having to update the system itself, we need the latest IOS packages. These packages can be installed in numerous amounts of ways, but I found it easiest to use a package installer called cIOSCORP. This installed all the latest IOS packages, patched with whatever it needed to have patched, and as many as needed to run any game available on the market. More info and download of the package can be found here

Simply explained is that you download the package, place it under apps/ on your SD card and start the install through the homebrew channel. Some basics about how you do this here

Making a WBFS USB stick with wbfsmanager

In order to play games from an USB stick, the file system on the USB stick have to be altered to use the WBFS system the Wii uses to read the game DVD’s etc. This can be accomplished by using a simple application called WBFS Manager, and can be downloaded here Simply follow this guide and you will have the USB stick converted to WBFS in no time. This guide also explains how to transfer the ISO files onto your USB stick.

Scrubbing Wii game isos and adding to usb stick

It is also possible to do a “scrub” of the ISO images for games you backup. This makes them smaller, which is what we want when we are storing games on an USB stick. You can download the Wii scrubber here Once the game you have scrubbed is done, transfer it to the WBFS USB stick as shown in the link above.

Installing an USB loader

I’m currently on a slight experimental stage with this, but right now I’m using an USB loader called WiiFlow which is working quite well. Download it here Simply place the package inside the apps/ folder on your SD card to run it from the homebrew channel. If everything is working as it should, you will be asked to insert the USB stick and the games placed on the stick will show up!

I know there is another launcher available, enabling you to launch games directly from the channel menu explained here which I’m going to try out, but I just managed to boot up Super Mario Galaxy, and my girlfriend has now claimed the Wii for the evening ;)


I take no responsibility for the use of pirated games with this walk through. This guide is strictly for information use only (and as my personal reference). I also take no responsibility for any damage to your Wii caused by this guide, neither do I take responsibility for any harm made to other hardware.

Also, there are probably several errors in this guide. If you wish to correct my post, please leave a comment and I will do the necessary updates.

Addicted to Doom for the iPhone

I’ve been trying out a lot of games for my phone lately, some being good, others being total worthless garbage, but one in particular has totally blown my mind! This being Doom: Ressurection from ID Software.

This game is just amazing. It’s got mind-blowing graphics (especially for being on a phone), and it’s actually got a pretty decent storyline.

What’s really fun though is the way this game is controlled. You tilt your phone left, right, up and down to aim with the crosshair, right side is for shooting, left for dodging fireballs, plasma balls and whatnot, and you change weapon and reload with the top left and right controls.

Here are some screen-caps and a video showing how the game-play works.





I can highly recommend you spend the few kroners it costs for this app and play it through. I’ve been playing for several hours in total, and from what I understand of the storyline, there’s still quite a bit to go.

Suspended from WoW

So it didn’t really last as long as I hoped for…. This is what happened:
I had been playing for a while now, about 3-4 days or so, when on friday last week my account suddenly stopped working. I couldn’t log in either in the game or on the webpage. I simply settled by thinking the problem was at Blizzard and that they would have it sorted out in no time. On Saturday, the same thing. Still I could not log into either game or web page.

Finally on Sunday I recieved a mail from Blizzard with a request for a password reset. It didn’t explain why I recieved a mail about this, but I thought not much of it and reset my password to a new one.
With this I managed to log into my account. Well, when I then logged in my first character, Cloudhoof, I was in for a suprise. He was located in Hellfire Peninsula (while as I left him in Shattrath), with his bags full of major healing and mana potions, 3000 gold and his bags full of various rare BoE lvl 70 items. You could say I was pretty damn shocked, and my first thought was of course that my account had been hacked over the weekend, and that Blizzard somehow had realized this and managed to get me my account back.

Well, by having all this stuff on my character, of course I couldn’t help but feeling that this was what the hackers had to pay for hacking my account, so I claimed the items and gold as my own.
After clearing out bags, picking up all the stuff the hacker had sold of my character, that Blizzard had sent me, sending some stuff to various alts and putting some of the rare items up for auction, I logged off.

Then the next day, on Monday, I recieved the following mail:

To: Me
Subject: Permanent Account Suspension


We are writing to inform you that we have, unfortunately, had to cancel your World of Warcraft account:

Account Name: EQU
Type of Violation: Involvement in online trading activities
Investigation Concluded: 25/08/2008
Consequences for Account: Account Cancellation

It is with regret that we take this type of action, however, it is in the best interest of the World of Warcraft community as a whole, and for the integrity of the game, that your access to the World of Warcraft servers be cancelled.

Online trading refers to the exchange of in-game content for real world money, and includes, but is not limited to, the sale or purchase of gold, the sale or purchase of experience in the form of powerlevelling, and the sale or purchase of honor points, reputation or items.

Account access is the responsibility of the account owner and account sharing is against our Terms of Use ( Therefore, should you believe someone other than yourself (the account owner) has committed this violation of the Terms of Use with your account, these sanctions would still apply, as our action is taken against the account, not the individual.

If you wish to review our current Rules and Polices, they can be found at:


Account Administration Team
Blizzard Entertainment Europe

Man was I put out by that one…. Turns out they accused me of participating in gold trading activities, because I had the items and gold left from the hacker on my account! I was not sure what to do, as I really felt this was not my fault, but they clearly state that even thought there is someone else that has used your account, we can still hold you accountable for what happens with it.
Basically, a hacker can access your account by getting your password, do some goldfarming, you can get the account back and get screwed over by Blizzard for what the hacker did to your account.

I sent a long and detailed mail to the Blizzard accounting departement explaining everything, but has yet to recieve an answer. And seeing as they use about 3 days to give a reply, I’m not really expecting it any time soon.

So either this is a sign that I should not have started playing in the first place, or I’m just really unlucky.

I will probably try to get my account back, but seeing as it is a permanent suspension, I kind of doubt I’ll have much luck, unless I call them and explain everything.