Most used apps and games for Android

After I got a new Samsung galaxy S II, I’ve been thinking about creating a summary of apps I enjoy using and share it with you. Maybe it will be inspirational for you to get these apps as well, or even get yourself an Android phone and join the march against Apples world domination?

These are the apps I use every day, and games I play to and from work (or when ever I get a little time to spare). Some cost money, others are free, but I feel that if you enjoy the trial, buy the game! The prices on the Android Market are so cheap, that it’s well worth investing some money to get the most out of your Android device.

Here goes!


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I have been using this app ever since i got my HTC Desire, and thinks this is by far the best Twitter client on the market right now. I know that some might disagree with me, but for me this gives me any and all updates both from twitter and facebook directly to my notification bar. It displays all updates in a nice way, and allows for custom columns for specific people or companies you would want to follow updates on. Posting updates has all the features you would need, like posting pictures, videos and updating location. It also integrates support for shortening of links directly when pasting an url or sharing it from another app.





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FeedR News Reader

I have an account on that I have been using for quite a while, and is basically a collection of rss feeds from around the web that i follow and keep updated on.After looking for a decent feed reader for quite a while, I finally came upon this app. You simply log in with your google account, and the app pulls the feeds you follow directly into the app. You can specify update interval, and notification type. You can also use googles own mobilizer function to see pages that would otherwise would be heavy to load on your phone browser.





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K-9 Mail

The cleanest, fastest and feature rich mail client yet (and the name + icon is a reference to Dr.Who, which is a huge plus of course). This mail client even has the ability to give you “push” mail to your inbox. Don’t ask me how they do it, but with this app you will get any mail that arrives to your inbox more or less instantly, instead of having to wait for the next update interval. (And yes I did borrow this screenshot from another site, as I did not want all my e-mails on display for everyone to see).




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AppBrain App Market

This is a good one. I always cycle through a ton of apps and try everything I can find. The problem is, there is so much to sip through, I find it hard to find the really good gems on the Android Market. That’s why I simply use an app, to find other apps! With this app I can sort out what’s hot today, this week or all time and find good apps that other people enjoy using. It will also recommend apps based on what you have installed, so finding apps that are to your liking is really easy.





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PowerAMP Music Player

(Unlock key)

The default music player for android is quite nice, but it lacks a good equalizer. With PowerAMP you can specify a whole range of specialized sound calibrations, that will increase the quality of your music tenfold. The bass & treble pre-setting is my personal favorite and makes the hardstyle and dubstep i listen to sound the way they really should, deep and thundering.






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Here’s the most cutest RPG game I’ve ever seen. The concept is simple. You control small characters that each play their role in each encounter. You have a tank, a healer and DPS of various sorts, and you simply pull these characters around to attack enemies. As the encounters gets significantly harder, you gear up by either buying gear from a merchant, or by killing enemies and gaining loot from the end of each encounter. It’s great fun and a solid time-sink.



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Pocket Legends (3D MMO)

I was looking for an online game to play on my way home from work, and found this 3D online MMORPG. The graphics are great, and the characters are cute. You can play a warrior, enchantress or archer, and you run around, do quests, raid dungeons and kill bosses with other players from around the world. All while you sit on your buss on your way home. Amazingly enough, this works flawlessly on 3G, and the graphics are very smooth. Further more, they keep adding content to this game. The latest I’ve seen is crafting of your own gear, and PVP, which is all pretty amazing. As with all free online games for cellphones, you are able to pay real money for extra in-game currency etc, but it’s is not necessary in order to enjoy the gameplay.



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Millionaire City

This is one of those games that practically plays itself. It’s like sim city without the constant interaction. You start off with a couple of buildings and some currency, and from here you start hiring out buildings to various classes of society, which in turns takes x amount of real-time minutes, hours or days to give money in return. You can also decorate to increase amount of money earned, and extend your city to become a huge metropolis. It’s a simple game I start when I feel like it and collect rent, build some buildings and close again.



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Trial Xtreme

Here’s a game with great 3d graphics, enjoyable gameplay and a simple concept. Get from one side of the track to another, and along the way you have to get over various obstacles. The tracks of course increase exponentially in difficulty, which is just the way it’s supposed to be. I highly recommend this game as a game just to play for some minutes just to get a few tracks done.



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MX Moto

This game is very similar to Trial Xtreme, but more like the old Elasto Mania. You have a 2D map with a motorcyclist and a track with various difficulties. You use the gyro on your phone to control your cyclist, and gas and brake with left and right side of the screen. What I enjoy most about this game is the fluid graphics and neat CG animations.


Honorable mentions


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Order & Chaos

I wanted to add this game as well, It was released not too long ago, and is the next generation in online gaming. It’s basically an exact replica of World of Warcraft, except it’s for your cellphone. It’s got amazing graphics, character customization, quests and interaction between players. The only requirements is a Gameloft live account. They will give you 3 months free subscription before you will have to pay $0,99 each month, which is the only real downside about this game. It does make sense that they have to charge for it, but sadly I don’t it will be something I will subscribe to just yet. It might be ok to play on a tablet, but on a phone it will not be sufficient.


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I really feel the gallery 3D app that is included in Android these days is really bad, and was looking for something a bit more minimalistic. Turns out this application was perfect. It’s simple, fast as hell and scans through my SD card like a bat out of hell. It’s well worth changing to if you feel the default gallery app is too chunky and bloated.







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