New Phone: Oneplus one

So, it was time for a new phone again! After having had both a Samsung S2 and a Samsung Note 2, I was getting increasingly agitated over the lockdowns, restrictions and excessive bloatware that those phones had. Which means I wanted either a Nexus phone with the Google experience, or something completely different. When the OnePlus One came out I was amazed at the price, and specs of the device, and the fact that it was shipped with CyanogenMOD as default. After seeing about a dozen reviews I finally decided to get one.

Unfortunately it was not that easy… You see Oneplus requires an invite by another person that has bought the Oneplus. This is really a quite clever marketing ploy, unfortunately this creates a couple of problems. One: People get very upset because they can’t buy the phone they want, which in turn makes people grow bored of waiting for invites and buy something else. Two: This creates a huge black market for the sale of actual invites. I’ve seen invites being sold on eBay for up to $100, and that’s just for the INVITE to buy a phone.

So after a while I figured out that there was actually a Chinese version of Oneplus one being freely available to buy in China. No invites, no black market scams and no waiting. I managed to track down a page called SpeMALL that had the phones in stock, and that were able to ship outside China.

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Eight years old!

So I didn’t realize until now, but the domain turned eight now in April! I’m impressed that I have been able to keep the domain for that long.

So there is a little back story on how I ended up with this domain. The name itself came from an old scene demo I saw at Norvegia LAN party in Skien back in early 2000. I can’t recall which one it was, but I’m sure you can find it here under either 2001 or 2002 Norvegia. The demo consisted mostly of pulsating mushrooms, or “junping” mushrooms in my case, and they inspired med to get the domain.

Initially I bought the domain through Netbox, and had my mail, hosting, dns etc there for quite a while. However, I did not like their control panel, and when they decided to leave all the old customers (ie. me) on the same system, while moving newer customers to their new interface; I decided it was time to move somewhere else.

According to the whois information, the creation Date was: 2006-04-08 13:49:46 UTC, which means it was a Saturday. I’m not surprised that I decided to get a domain on Saturday, but I’m a bit confused about the time of day. Usually I make these odd decisions during the evening or night when I’m getting bored. Now, the time says UTC, which means it was really even earlier in the morning, 11:49 in fact, which means I must have either been pulling an all nighter, or I had just gotten out of bed with the idea for a new domain. Either way, I was living in Trondheim at the time, with no job and no doubt just wanted something to play around with.

That’s basically what I wanted to put out there at this time. I know this page has been neglected for a looong time (almost three years to be exact), but it doesn’t mean I don’t maintain it with security updates and move it with me where ever I set up my server. Hopefully I will get back to posting on it on a regular basis, but for now it’s just to celebrate that it’s still up.


Most used apps and games for Android

After I got a new Samsung galaxy S II, I’ve been thinking about creating a summary of apps I enjoy using and share it with you. Maybe it will be inspirational for you to get these apps as well, or even get yourself an Android phone and join the march against Apples world domination?

These are the apps I use every day, and games I play to and from work (or when ever I get a little time to spare). Some cost money, others are free, but I feel that if you enjoy the trial, buy the game! The prices on the Android Market are so cheap, that it’s well worth investing some money to get the most out of your Android device.

Here goes!

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Favourite Android root apps

I just figured it would be fun to share a list of applications that I enjoy with my rooted Android.

Screenshot app.

Fast Uninstaller For Root
Uninstalls anything!

Root Call Blocker
Disconnect any caller or phone sales person directly.

Turn off auto starting applications so they don’t run unless you want them to.

synchronise clock from a ntp server to make sure your phone time is correct.

LCD Density Changer
Change resolution on your phone to get even more workspace.

Quick Boot
Simple app to reboot, reboot into recovery or bootloader.

ROM Manager
Backup entire rom or flash new roms or kernels.

Root Explorer
Root access file manager.

SD Speed Increase
Speed up SD card read access.

Scale cpu on demand to preserve battery.

Tegrak Overclock Ultimate
Overclock cpu (requires overclockable kernel)

Titanium Backup PRO
Backup all user and system applications and settings, and restore after rom upgrade. Supports even dropbox storage.

Hope this guide shows how useful a root of your Android phone might be, and encourages you to do it also.